1) Martha Hair Design is located on the SE corner of 121 and Preston rd.
2) Depending on where you are coming from, you can turn off of Preston Rd. onto Towne Square Dr. and then turn into the parking lot. We have highlighted the most convenient parking for you below.
picture of a birds eye view of the parking lot
3) It is located inside Imagique Salon Suites on the 2nd floor.
picture of the front of Imagique Salon
4) When inside you may take either the stairs or the elevator to the second floor.
picture of the lobby showing the elevator and stairs
5) Walk through the lounge to get to the "East Wing".
picture of the second floor lobby
6) At the end of the hallway in the corner you will see room 251, Martha Hair Design.
picture showing entrance to Martha Hair Design with a sign that reads Room 251, Martha Hair Design, 972-953-8473.